After nearly a decade, Embracing Horizons will be closing it’s doors.
We are not accepting new clients, and intend to permanently close the business in the summer of 2023.

We wish to thank everyone who has worked with us, or who has supported us on this journey.

This website will be removed soon. 

Child Support

We support International children so they can take full advantage of the opportunities of an international upbringing.

Parent Support

We work with international parents so they, in turn, can raise their children to become global citizens.


We believe it takes a village to raise a child. We support, connect and collaborate with other professionals working with international families.

Embracing Horizons: enabling your child to embrace their future

Growing up in an international environment, adapting to new values and norms can be an enormous challenge for both adults and children. At Embracing Horizons we recognise and understand the extra dynamics that can come into play with international families and how these can impact on children and young people finding their way in the world.

Some of the difficulties they may face include:

  • Making new friends and adapting to new situations
  • Mourning the country, friends, and family left behind
  • Overcoming anxiety or shyness
  • Expressing emotions in safe and acceptable ways
  • Feeling angry or sad more than usual
  • Dealing with diagnosed problems such as anxiety, depression, ADHD and autism spectrum disorder
  • Struggling with eating, sleeping or toilet training

It can be difficult to deal effectively with these challenges, especially in a new and possibly unknown environment. That is where Embracing Horizons can help. We have developed a number of methods and services to support both parent and child.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but a brave step in the right direction!

Getting Started is Easy


15-minute Free Phone Call

If you want more detailed information that isn’t available on our website or have a specific question, a quick phone call may be the answer.

Individual intake

Before embarking on any trajectory with us, we schedule an individual intake meeting with you and your child (if appropriate).

Next steps

After the intake we will send you a no obligation proposal for the first phase in our collaboration in which we get to know you and your child better

Upcoming Forum workshops:

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Contact Us

As we are closing the practice, we are currently only able to respond to messages of current or past clients.

Koninginnegracht 101, 2514 AL, Den Haag