Autism Parent Support Programme

Hearing that your child may be ‘on the spectrum’ is likely to raise a number of questions such as:

Why did this happen to my child?

What is going on in my child’s head?

Why do they react in a certain way?

How should I deal with my child’s behaviour?

You may come across new terms and abbreviations such ASD, ASS, ABA, PRT, PECS, or have to accept that ‘ASD’ is now a part of your child’s life and of your life, before you even understand what it means.

We recognise what your family is going through and understand that this can be a terribly confusing time. We also know that, after the initial shock, you will want to provide the best possible support for your child and that you are ready to fight for your child.

I was pleased with the competence and the passion of the team delivering the programme
2017 participant

Our Autism Parent Support Programme can offer you the support you need.

This 8-week parent support group in English covers a number of topics that you may be facing with your child. Additionally, within the safe and supporting group, you will be able to explore what it means to be a parent with a child on the spectrum, how it affects you and your family and how it affects other families. You will find support from the other families going through similar experiences and have the opportunity to offer support to them too.

The course has been jointly designed and presented by Jet Sichterman of Embracing Horizons, Helen Claus of Inclusion4All and Ekaterina Evdokimova of PsyCompass.


The next programme’s dates are on Tuesdays from 9.30 – 12:00 with walk-in and coffee starting at 9.00.
February 4, 11
March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
April 7*

*The last date is within the holidays of the BSN, if we have parents with children at the BSN attending, we can discuss rescheduling this date during the first session.


The course is held at Embracing Horizons, Koninginnegracht 101, The Hague
Right opposite tram stop Riouwstraat (tram 9 to Scheveningen).


The course costs €485,- per family (both parents may attend).

The fee might be covered by international health insurance or by your PGB allowance. Contact us if you require more information about this.

This programme “helps to put things in perspective for parents,  who are too overwhelmed with all the information around”

2017 participant


If you are ready to register, you can reserve your place by completing this form.

Still got questions?

Send an email to Jet Sichterman who will be able to help you decide whether the Autism Parent Support Programme is right for you.