Preparing for a relocation – When to tell the Kids?

The last months before summer is that time when many people in the international community are preparing for a move. Perhaps this article for which I  was interviewed 2 years ago can give you some insights to help your children make the transition. In addition to the...

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How Isabela coped with her friends’ move

This is the story of Isabela, a 9 years old girl. Isabela’s parents are internationals, but they have been living in The Netherlands for a long time and Isabela was born here. Isabela was enjoying school and receiving good grades. She got along well with the teachers...

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Practicing Non-Verbal Skills through games

By Sara Mansson We have talked about social skills before, see for example this post on negotiating, this one about stimulating your child’s emotional development or this one about saying goodbye. There are several ways of communicating with others, many of which go...

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Four Tips on Stimulating Emotional Development

We all want our children to grow up to be healthy, well-adjusted adults. The ability to understand their own emotions and to express them in accordance with the local culture and social norms is an important step towards becoming that. We know that young children need...

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Getting back to Normal

The last months of the year can be a bit overwhelming for parents and children alike. There is so much to do, so much to see, hear and experience. First came fall break. Then Halloween. If you’re living in the north of the Netherlands you may have celebrated Sint...

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