When children won’t speak

When children who can speak remain silent in some situations or to some people, they may suffer from an anxiety disorder called Selective Mutism. What is Selective Mutism?

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Learning how to Learn

How can you as a parent support your child’s learning? Reflections on the presentation ‘Learning how to Learn’ of Elize Burgess during our September Forum.

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Preparing for a relocation – When to tell the Kids?

The last months before summer is that time when many people in the international community are preparing for a move. Perhaps this article for which I  was interviewed 2 years ago can give you some insights to help your children make the transition. In addition to the...

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How Isabela coped with her friends’ move

This is the story of Isabela, a 9 years old girl. Isabela’s parents are internationals, but they have been living in The Netherlands for a long time and Isabela was born here. Isabela was enjoying school and receiving good grades. She got along well with the teachers...

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