By Jet Sichterman

Client-Centered Experiential Techniques with ATCK'sPatric Esters, psychologist at Mending Mind, joined us for April’s Professional Forum to discuss the use of the Client-Centered Experiential approach with Adult Third Culture Kids. A small group of psychologists and other therapists joined to experience some of these techniques themselves, or to connect with other professionals.

Though Cognitive-Behavior Therapy and related techniques are very useful and popular, Patric argues that we need to not only look at changing thoughts and behavior, but also include emotions and feelings in the body from an experiential perspective.

For Third Culture Kids (TCK’s), and Adult Third Culture Kids (ATCK’s), he finds the use of Client Centered Experiential Techniques especially helpful. Many people nowadays, including many TCK’s and ATCK’s, live ‘in their head’ more than in their body. Within today’s fast paced society, it is often hard to find time to pause and really reflect on how we feel. But when something happens that forces people to do this, that is when unresolved emotions tend to catch up.

Patric continued to explain some of the techniques he uses in more detail, like focusing and chair work. He also engaged the group in an exercise of giving and taking. Being therapists, most of us turn out to focus more on the giving, but when asked to focus on taking some of us have a challenging time to do so.

Our next Professional Forum will take place on May 15th; Marie Hobbs will give us an Introduction to Self-Compassion!

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