How we work

Before we start working together, it’s important for us to get to know each other; it’s the first step to building the warm and trusting relationship that will enable you and your child to feel confident enough to share your private thought and feelings.

We want you to feel confident that we are the right team to help you and your child reach their goals.
Whether you just want general orientation or you’re ready to get more detailed information about our services, there are several ways you can get to know us.

Getting Started is Easy


Our website includes a lot of information on the services we offer, how we work, our prices and how to contact us.

From time to time we also organise or attend events where you can meet us to find out more about what we can offer. These events provide a great opportunity for you to get a general impression of who we are, what we do and how we do it.


15-minute free phone call

If you want more detailed information that isn’t available on our website or have a specific question, a quick phone call may be the answer. During this 15-minute free phone call you explain your needs and together we can see how we can help.

Individual intake

Before embarking on any trajectory with us, we schedule an individual intake meeting with you and your child (if appropriate), in order to gain a better understanding of your concerns, your child’s development and your parenting style.

We will send you some forms to fill in before the intake – these will help us to prepare beforehand and use the session more effectively.

If appropriate, your child can also join the intake session, for example if they have questions about the therapy. With younger children (under the age of 12), we recommend meeting with you first so that you can speak freely when you share your concerns.

Next steps

After the intake we will send you a no obligation proposal for a first phase in our collaboration in which we get to know you and your child better and we can make initial observations.

We will recommend some next steps with possible trajectories of support. These may include:

Further evaluation of your situation

Parental consultation to explore your concerns more fully

A full educational, socio-emotional, cognitive or neuropsychological evaluation if we suspect deeper underlying problems. This evaluation is be carried out by us in collaboration with the Child Assessment Group.

Individual sessions with your child

Help finding another professional more able to deal with your needs if we feel that we are not the right people to help you and your child. We can provide you with our intake report to take with you to your chosen service provider

Forums for parents and professionals

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Expanding Horizons organises two monthly forums during which we exchange and share knowledge, ideas and views on a specific topic (the topic will be shared in advance).

The forums form a supportive community of experts and parents, allowing us all to learn from the experiences and expertise of others.

For parents

Every first Wednesday of the month we hold a parents’ forum. This membership-based forum gives you the opportunity to meet other parents dealing with the same issues. Every meeting includes a presentation on a relevant topic and an opportunity to ask questions and get support from forum members.

For professionals

This monthly forum for professionals meets every last Wednesday of the month. It is a space where professionals can learn from each another and share their experiences. It includes a presentation on a specific topic followed by an opportunity to network.
We provide light snacks and refreshments.

Social media

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Want to schedule an intake?


Indicative prices

These prices are an indication based on the most regularly booked appointments; they do not include all the possible appointments and fees that may apply. During the intake we will discuss with you your (child’s) needs and begin to form an individualized plan. Afterwards, we will send you a detailed plan including the applicable tarriffs.

  • Intake: €175,00
  • Parent or Child Sessions at our location: €145,-
  • Psychological Assessments: prices are based on your or your child’s individual needs
  • Social Skills 4 Kids group course: €650,00

Our session rates include direct time with you / your child, as well as time for preparations and keeping notes. We invoice monthly for the sessions and services you have made use of in that month.

Medical insurance

We have no contracts with health insurance companies or municipalities. You may wish to contact your international insurance provider, employer or municipality (through Centrum Jeugd & Gezin) to see whether your sessions with are covered by your insurance, their relocation packages or through a personal budget (PGB).

We advise you to inquire about financial support before agreeing to the proposed plan.