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Meet the Founder: Jet Sichterman

Expat Child Psychologist

Jet Sichterman has always been interested in, and drawn to, different cultures, places and languages. It was for this reason she chose to pursue her studies in Psychology at an international institution, and complement it with courses in anthropology, English and German at Utrecht University’s University College Roosevelt, followed by a Master in Child & Adolescent Psychology at Leiden University. Her work with and exposure to expat families during her studies cemented her desire to pursue this in her practice.

Jet is passionate about stimulating children’s development, and has experience working with those developing typically as well as those challenged in the mental, psychiatric, auditory and/or communicatory realm. Her work with expats made her aware of the added challenges for expatriate children (and their parents) when in an environment unfamiliar to them – where the language and the cultural rules are not yet known. It was this awareness, combined with her passion for children’s development, which led Jet to establish Expat Child Psychology.

She firmly believes that the warmth, safety and structure she offers her clients (her families) are crucial ingredients for helping the children (and families) she works with to overcome their struggles and reach their potential.

Jet meets with children between 0 and 12 years of age and their parents for individual therapy and play therapy, Social Skills 4 Kids group courses and parenting consultations. Her specialties include developmental delays,  autism and selective mutism. Next to seeing clients for therapy, Jet is also part of the Child Assessment Group through which she can be found performing psychological and educational assessments for international children (4-16 years old) throughout the Netherlands. Jet speaks fluent Dutch and English.

Jet Sichterman (Psycholoog NIP) has a MSc. in Child & Adolescent Psychology and was further trained in play-psychotherapy at the RINO groep. Jet is a member of the Dutch Association of Psychologists (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen – NIP), registered as Psycholoog NIP and as Master level psychologist at the registry of professionals supporting children and young people (Stichting Kwaliteitsregister Jeugd: 130001181). Between 2015 and 2018, Jet was member and chairperson of the former Hague Society for Psychologists in private practice (Haags Genootschap van Vrijgevestigde Psychologen – HGvVP). Additionally, Jet is a member of the Women’s Business Initiative International (WBII).

PS the ‘J’ in Jet, in English, sounds like a ‘Y’ … so Jet is actually pronounced as Yet.

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