Online Support Groups

EvGroup of people holding handseryone is affected by the COVID-19 corona virus. While most of us are not sick, we are asked to stay home whenever possible and our kids are home too. As a parent you will have worries and anxieties. Your children will have theirs, too. And through the way you all manage your feelings around this, you affect each other. How can you all navigate this and make the best of this time in our lives?

The truth is, nobody knows how long this will take. The decision to keep schools closed until April 6 is made with the information the government had a few days ago. But things are changing very rapidly. It might be that after April 6 everything will go back to normal and it might be that it will take another few weeks or even months before we can sense any sense of normalcy again.

At the same time, we as humans are social beings. When our (and our children’s) social needs are not met, it will be all the harder to manage our emotional needs too. When we feel seen, heard, and understood, that’s when we can help ourselves find acceptance and peace of mind.

Embracing Horizon’s Support Group offer a safe, online, space for children and for parents. A space where you/they can connect with others and find support. Where you/they can share, explore and express emotions, and learn about and practice different coping mechanisms. Each group has a maximum of 6 participants to ensure we will all be able to see and hear each other.

During the coming weeks we will offer groups for different age groups of children and for parents. Each group will meet online on a weekly basis for 3-5 consecutive weeks (dependent on timing of starting the group). Each meeting lasts 45 minutes. Attendance is €15,- per session. Some of the questions that may be raised:
– How to manage my stress and anxiety during this time?
– How to create new routines to include home schooling?
– How can we give each other space now that the family is home all day?
– How to stay in touch and be supportive of my friends?
– What can we still be grateful for?
– What strengths and helpful factors can we rely on?
– Any other questions the group brings up.

When you or your chid(ren) join a social circle this will not only help you navigate the crisis of the initial months; what you will learn from each other, and from the facilitators, will stay with you far beyond the three weeks we are hoping this will last. It will help you navigate not only the current stress, but future stressors in your life too. Within the group you will also have a chance to form a bond between yourselves and the other participants. While the online meetings with our therapists take place once a week, we encourage the participants to stay in touch between the sessions and support each other. Something you may fall back on when times are tough.


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Dates of the online support groups:

We currently have not scheduled new dates for our support groups. If you are interested in joining one or registering your child(ren) to join one, please show your interest by completing the form below. Once we have enough children and/or parents for a specific (age) group, we will schedule a new group and let you know.

For more questions, please email to

Register for the workshop:

  • Please complete the form once per family member you wish to register / add to our waitinglist. Refresh the page after submitting the form so you can complete it again.
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  • Your data will be processed by Embracing Horizons for the purpose of registering you to the support group meeting(s) of your choice. We will process your name and contact details for the purpose of enrolling you and sending you information relevant to your participation. This same information may be shared with the service FaceTalk through which the online meetings will be held. FaceTalk may also record information like which device you are using and how long you access the service.
    Neither we, nor FaceTalk, will record the sessions. If you are (your child is) currently receiving individual treatment with us, a few notes may be added to your (child's) file at the end of the sessions when appropriate. When you are not one of our current clients, we will not keep and store any further information about you.
    Everything you/your child shares in the group will be heard by all participants in the group. We ask all parents, including yourself, to help us ensure the confidentiality of the personal information shared within the group.
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