Happy children jumpingAs a parent, you want the best for your child(ren). Some parents say that if their child is happy, they are happy. But children are not always happy and confident. What if they struggle? What if they lack confidence, blame themselves for their mistakes or feel frustrated? You might wonder how you can best support them through tough times, for now and for later.

Maybe you have some ideas around what confidence looks like, but how do you promote confidence in your child? How do you help them feel worthy? And how do you guide them so that they feel they are worthy? So that they know they can learn and make mistakes? So that they approach new situations openly and so that they show persistence when things get tough?

Childhood, and parenthood, are not easy paths. There is no manual – no one size fits all solution. After all, no child or parent is the same. But psychological research has pinpointed several areas that we can pay attention to when we support children in order to support their confidence.

Join us for this workshop on November 28th, where Chara Sermpeniadi will guide you through the different concepts that are relevant in child rearing and supporting children’s confidence, and share a variety of suggestions and tips to guide you on your way to raising your child with confidence.

Chara SermpeniadiChara Sermpeniadi is a master student in Education and Child Studies, Parenting and Child Development, and intern at Embracing Horizons.

When: Monday, November 28th 2022 at 20:00
Where: Koninginnegracht 101, The Hague
Fee: €15,- to reserve your seat

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